Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chapter 1- The Dating Game

To be frank many of you know that dating in today's world really is complicated. I need not remind you guys that women are too very complicated. The biggest issue that I have come across is that men have yet to learn when to fight and when to fight another day. Mind you I am no Dr. Phil (thank god) but I am an experienced veteran in the world of dating. I believe there are three things that men need to do in order to keep a good relationship going these are:

1. Listening- Guys I know that we say "we are listening" but are we truly doing so? No, our minds are like an ant hill always in constant movement so for example when a woman says all she wants for her birthday is a pair of earrings then gentlemen your job is halfway done go out and get her a nice, simple but elegant, pair of earrings (hint: always save the receipt).

Example story- There is a girl that works with me and her 21st birthday was coming up. All she could talk about was how excited she was getting a new pair of earrings from her boyfriend. Well the day came and her boyfriend apparently thought it would be better to install a new stereo system in her car. Well the problem is that when he installed it he blew a fuse and the once half-way decent system that she had in her car now became just a pretty dashboard icon. She of course was so angry and pissed because all she kept asking for was a new pair of earrings yet he did what most guys would have done and thought he knew better than she did (mistake!!). Now granted most of you reading this would say damn a new radio system would have been nice too and that bitch should have been happy with that! Guys, if you agree with that then if you are in a current relationship that will be finished very soon. The girl wanted a pair of earrings not for the vanity of it all. It was because she lost her only pair at the beach and she really wanted a new pair because that would make her feel, in my opinion, more like a lady.

2. Remembering important stuff- Guys we are probably the worst at remembering shit. If your lady asks you to go to the grocery store to get a list of items and we don't write it down. 9 times out of 10 we will get it wrong. Now those of which get all of the items my hands off to you and Jesus will be calling you for another miracle. This of course falls in line with the listening section. My suggestion is that you write it down or send a text message to yourself so that way you won't forget. I have found texting myself to be the easiest since we will probably lose the paper we wrote it on since it was probably out of drawer somewhere in the house.

3. Important Dates- Finally, the last thing we have to do is to remember the important dates and times in our current relationship. There are several important dates in a relationship that, many of you know this yet we still freaking forget, these are:

  1. 1. The first date- Now mind you remembering the date of the first date will only be important while the dating process is in effect. Once you move to the engagement level then that becomes only a novelty.

  2. 2. The birthday- Guys,guys,guys I cannot count on my fingers how many times that I or even my friends have forgotten a loved one's birthday. So keep that on the internal hard drive.

  3. 3. Wedding date- Once you have locked yourself in this date is by far the most important! Forgetting your wedding anniversary, on most occasions, is punishable by death (in some countries) or a year long onslaught of ass kissing. So I suggest you get that date saved too on the hard drive.

Final thought: Now I am not saying these are the next "Ten Commandments" brought down from Mt.Sinai but I can say that if you follow these then more times than not your lady will be the happier for it.


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