Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chapter 2- Xbox vs. Girlfriend

I am an avid Xbox user, I love it. Mind you I know I am a little old for video games but damn I love taking my chainsaw and cutting into the locust (Gears of War Reference) like any other man. What is it about Xbox that we as men love? I can only assume since I know the reasons why I love it. For me, it is a release a place that we can chat with our buddies, talk a little smack and not have to worry about the wife and kid's or bills we have to pay. It's all about the innate competitive spirit that is found in every man. We are competitive by nature and cannot stand to loose. I know I spent a whole summer playing Final Fantasy just to improve the level on my Chocoboo and beat the final boss.
So why can't women understand our love for video games? That my friends is a great question. But one that cannot easily be answered. I for one believe that we can talk on the phone while playing guitar hero..hahahah. But women, and this goes to Chapter 1, want us to listen to what they say and focus solely on what they are trying to communicate with you. Now I know that really sucks because you are on level 11 and 300 points from getting that new weapon on Call of Duty 4. But, I am sorry to say guys if the girl is on the phone or in the same room with you and unless she is actually playing the games with you, and if that is the case she is a keeper and never let her go! ever!, but more than likely her attention and focus will be lost after a few moments and then play time is over and we have to put the toys away.
So how do we win? Some would say impossible. But I beg to differ. It is all about time management and communication. Your loved one does understand your need to conquer evil but you have to do it on off peak hours. For example:

  1. 1. If she is at work and you are at home and she has asked you to do a few chores around the house then my suggestion is do the chores quickly!! Then it's play time baby. Warning: Do not do half-ass work because when she gets home and sees that you did not do it well then asks what you were doing if you mention games then every time you screw up that will be the only thing on her mind "That damn Xbox!"
  2. 2. If she is out shopping or hanging with some friends for the night and you want to just chill at home. No problem go at it.
  3. 3. Finally, my suggestion is that you coordinate a little me time with the better half and designate your manly time with her schedule so that way there is no real cause for confrontation.

Final Thought- If you follow these ideas more than likely you won't get any real shit about playing. Otherwise, overtime women will store this info in their "I am so pissed off at you" memory banks and that will build. Then you will start to hear "why do you always play the Xbox when I am around?" Of course, we know this not to be true we don't always play the Xbox when they are around but women have a bad sense of timeline all of the times you screwed up get merged into one long session. So it is best to avoid this as much as possible.

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