Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chapter 3- When to Use The "L" Bomb

Recently, I have been approached by a few of the boys and was asked the question "if the girl says I love you do I need to say it back?" and "when is the best time to use the "L" bomb?"

Now I am sure many of you have been stuck like Chuck when this situation occurs and sometimes you are not certain what to do in this situation. Now I can only speculate, of course, based on my knowledge of the subject and how using the "L" bomb changes the entire scope of the relationship. I can really only provide examples on when I believe when to say it and when not to.
I have to say I have been disgusted with some of the male species in today's society who have apparently watched too much "One Life to Live" and feel that is the standard by which we should behave (wrong fellas!!). It might look really good on T.V. but in my opinion women want to swept off their feet but not turned upside down.

Now here are examples when you should and shouldn't use the "L" word:

  1. 1.When you are dating, for a few month's, and you get to a point in the relationship where emotions are definitely running high and you are overwhelmed with a sense of euphoria at that point you may wonder is this the time to say it? I would suggest not to and here is why. When your emotions are running high, especially for men, our rational thought process goes out the window. I believe when to say I love you is at the time of relaxation when you are both comfortable with your surroundings and with yourself. At that point you are ready.
  2. 2.What is the deal with freaking 18 - 20 year old's today?!! Now I am not trying to sound like an "old damn fart" but for Christ sakes why is it after 3 weeks we are already at the I love you stage, ready to move in next month and a baby on the way. Damn people!! Slow that roll. You are 18 years old you should be enjoying life and getting out there not worrying about how are we going to pay the rent and car payment. Why do we have to say I love you so quickly when obviously we know in our mind's, not heart's mind you and there is a big difference, that we really don't want this. Is it the pressure of society? I am not sure but whatever it is freaking guys take a bag of ice and hold on those jewels for a few hours, take two aspirin's and a cold shower and call me in the morning!
  3. 3.Finally, when not to say I love you is in the middle of sex or a make out session. This is the worst time, please revert back to example 1, because once again your emotions are high and to be honest guys it's the other head we are using now. Plus, most women don't really believe you anyway. I would love you too after having a great sexual encounter.
Final thought- I know you may think of me as a bit of a prude but let's face it fellas you probably know what I am talking about. I am sure you have looked at some guy, probably in a pink shirt, and said "look at that jackass all over his girl being all smoochie like" and then we go see our girls and do the same thing. When saying I love you it is "a game changer" and once it is out in that void of no return it is hard to get it back. So really think about when the appropriate time to say it. Now I am not telling you not to ever say it. If you feel the need let it loose but I am just trying to reiterate the overall importance it has on another woman. We may be able to shake it off a little easier than they can and if you truly love that woman you really need to think first and speak second.

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